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Above are the 4 steps to composing your article. If you have any questions feel free to email the

Before the steps below make sure to understand what Musician Tuner Magazine is all about at Policies and Culture and take a look at the open assignments for the month.

Step 1:
At rollover the “Submit” tab then click on “Author Login” once the dropdown appears. You can also click here to visit the login page

Step 2:
Login using your credentials emailed to you by the editor.

Step 3:
The dashboard is always being updated but as described in the image, hit “New Post” to begin your article.

Step 4:
Composing your article is self explanatory.
This is where you will create a title and the rest of your article draft. As noted in the image please DO NOT PUBLISH the article. This will make your article live on the main page. Feel free to leave your article incomplete and no one will see it until you email the editor that your draft is ready for review, only after that will the article be considered for publication.

Optionally, feel free to find a featured image for the main page and fill out the Excerpt section if you would like to.

After Publication, Promote!:
Only one thing left to do,
The social bar is really there for authors and the community second. Everything is a numbers game when it comes to the internet and writing online. Please utilize the social bar to expand the articles reach. This promotes your article as well as the website.

A simple way to do this is Twitter. Many people are not interested in Twitter but creating one and linking your Facebook is a perfect system. You don’t ever have to use Twitter again after setting this up. Just post something to your Facebook wall and it is automatically ‘Tweeted’. This is not only good for your article and but for yourself as a writer. Writing online and not taking advantage of Twitter is short-handing your reach on the internet and takes very little work. If you need help contact

Digg Your Article:
Usually we do this for you, if that’s the case your article on needs votes for people to see it. Please vote your article up to follow through on our effort to promote your article and you as a writer.

Custom Email Address:
 Last but definitely not least; If any of you are an author and want an email address just let an Editor know.